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Cultivate Stronger Bonds: Effective Relationship-Based Dog Training

German shepherd sitting on grass for his private dog training

Our Philosophy


Discover the transformative potential of Relationship-Centered Dog Training through our services. We specialize in building trust and connection, creating a harmonious partnership between you and your furry companion


At the core of our dog training services is expert guidance. We provide essential direction and steadfast support to help you and your canine companion effectively achieve your training goals. With our personalized strategies and dedicated team, you'll experience remarkable behavioral transformations in your dog while forging a stronger, more harmonious relationship.


Our Obedience-focused dog training services are designed to instill discipline and responsiveness in your canine companion. With our expert guidance, your dog will learn essential commands and behaviors, ensuring a well-mannered and harmonious partnership.

Professional Dog Trainer & Human Educator

Eddie Peña

Behavior Specialist

Balanced Relationship Trainer

Hablo Español

Eddie Pena



2-3 Week

Puppy Training Program

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Recommended private dog training only for puppies under 10 months old that are happy go lucky pups with no signs of fear or behavior issues. Such as fear aggression or separation anxiety. These issues I would recommend the 4 or 6 week stay depends on the situation.

Confidence building

Basic obedience, potty training, crate training

Leash Training

* Payment Options Available
Eddie training in his confidence exposure program
4-5 Week

Confidence Exposure Program

Recommended private dog training for teen/adult dogs whom may have some confidence issues and no foundation to basic obedience commands. Also, for those who want to take there pups to the next level and get them exposure to the real world. We take the dogs to multiple locations such as Lowes, parks to work around dogs and kids, outdoor mall and outside of dog parks.

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Includes basic/advance commands

While being out in public to help work on impulse control and confidence

Sit, down, stay, place, here, spin, heel, and a special release command for training

* Payment Options Available
6-7 Week

Rehabilitation Program

Recommended private dog training for any dog who is dealing with any behavioral issues such and fear aggression, separation anxiety, no boundaries at all (peeing and pooping still inside the house), and resources guarding. This program is the most tedious and longest program because of the ice breaker stage which could take days sometimes weeks for dogs who have behavioral issues. In my experience, this program is the most successful in helping dog rehabilitate from there issues. New structure for the pup will be implemented and new relationship building exercises will be added yo the dogs daily routine. This program also comes with all of what the 2 and 4 week offers and more.

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Deals with fear and aggression

Helps your dog with separation anxiety

All the above program benefits in one

* Payment Options Available
Eddie in his rehabilitation program

Customer Testimonials

We value our customers feedback.

We cannot be more pleased to have chosen Eddie (critical thinking dog services) to guide our boy Diesel through his first board and train experience.  Eddie was very professional as well as VERY informative from the start and throughout the entire process...
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Lizeth Lopez

Eddie is truly amazing! We rescued our boy, Bear, from a neglectful situation and because of his trauma he suffered from severe separation anxiety and fear aggression with other dogs and people. We opted for the 6 week board and training program and...
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Autumn Morehead

Sent my two puppies, Jasper and Archie to Eddie for a 2 week board and train. We were having trouble with them play fighting a little too often and sometimes too rough, and wanted them to learn basic obedience individually as well. Eddie did a such a great...
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We had saved our pup from the shelter and immediately fell in love with him. We were so blessed to be able to give him a forever home given his circumstances. Along the way, we noticed certain behaviors that we felt like needed a little more correction...
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Shayne Marquez

We are so thankful for Eddie’s help with building the blocks to help us properly train our Aussie.  We have a reactive dog, and Eddie has continued to be hands on even after our dogs board and training time....
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Kimberly Gebala

Eddie is an awesome trainer! I choose the 4 week program and my dog came back with so much confidence, obedience and with a strong foundation to continue his training here at home. Thank you Eddie!
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Lina Saed

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Frequently asked questions

Where will we be bringing the dog, what is the address?

Our location for pick up and drop off are next door at our community park.
(Pinehurst park city of Chino Hills) 

We live right next door to the park. We can’t have anyone come to my house due to the city rules. If we have people come to my house we can get fined and put our business at risk. 

What does he need to bring with him?

If you can provide food to last the dogs stay, one favorite toy, and a security blanket if he needs one. 

What time will we be taking him in?

Drop off times are either early morning from 7am-9am (beat the heat) or in the evening time after 5pm. 

For the remainder of the payment, do we pay upon pick up or before?

As for payment, everyone pays their remaining balance when they drop off their dog for training unless we have agreed on a payment plan.  Payment plans are for those who are in financial hardship. Which we ask for dates and payment amounts that should be payed while your pups is in training. 

Will the dog be sleeping inside at night as well? Does he need to bring his crate?

All dogs sleep in doors. Each dog has their own crates which we proved for the stay and will have the day  of drop off and pick up. No crates needed from you.

Does my dog play with other dogs?

No and yes, we don’t allow your dogs to over socialize with other dogs, but we dog train around other dogs and go on walks with others who are trained. We can and will elaborate before or after training if needed. 

How often does my dog get out?

All dogs get out on a 3/4 hour schedule and go on walks, training, playing with the trainer, and potty breaks. All depends on the weather. Hot days all dogs stay in the cool ac with fans. Rainy days dogs have a covered area to use the restroom under, if they are willing and able. 

Do I get to visit my dog? 

We don’t recommend visits before 2 weeks into training and visits have to be scheduled. Also, dogs who are in for any separation anxiety do not get recommended visits.

Will I be sent updates? Videos/Pictures? 

Update videos and pictures will be sent to the owners of the dog via text or Instagram only  recommended because of the quality of pictures and videos that can be received in the direct message box. Also, we post daily of dogs in the process of going through their training. 

Will you teach me everything after your done with the training? 

After the program is over we have a 1-2 hour go home session. Uncovering all the misconceptions of dog training and go over all the details it took to getting your dog trained. Also, what to do going forward as your relationship grows. Plus, all my clients get FREE communication for life via text and phone call for any of their dog training needs. So after the training of anything should present itself, my clients can call me or text me for guidance! 

Will my dog remember me? 

All dogs remember their owners after their training. We do a good job in setting the boundaries between trainer and owners. We love your dogs, but just not like that extra extra kiss and hugs that owners giver to their own dogs.

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